Kevin M. Fitzgerald | Creative Direction + Strategy

Bullseye Glass Co.

Bullseye Glass Company is the original fusing glass supplier for artists, offering a sophisticated range of glass styles, plus tools, education, and events. The Bullseye web presence is similarly diverse, split between a main site for news and education, and an online store. Both sites predate me, but since joining the company I've been in charge of the visuals for fresh content and promotional campaigns, extending into email marketing.


One of my goals for the Bullseye brand is to bring in a warmer photographic style, showing artists and their inspiring creations in natural spaces. A great example of this is from one of our seasonal online sales, inviting subscribers to click through to our store. In addition to sourcing the photos, I built the templates within MailChimp for our email series.


Another campaign focused on a set of truly unique set of glass sheets. Here, the Bullseye brand is reserved, allowing the raw material to shine. Resulting sales more than doubled from the summer Glascadia campaign.