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Carson+Co Global

Identity & Site Design

To announce a new era for the sustainability communications firm known as C.C. Global, I led the process for developing a new visual identity for the company, aiming for a big impact.


The two C’s in C.C. Global may have originally stood for Carson Communications, but there was a bigger meaning driving the company’s focus: climate change. Carson+Co’s mission is to increase the positive impact that organizations can have in working to mitigate the effects of climate change. With such a large and complex problem, there is no one clear solution, but a need for a myriad of ideas and programs all around the world. Then there needs to be coordination, the sharing of knowledge between governments, researchers, corporations, and citizens. That’s where Carson+Co comes in, helping to make those connections, and amplify the impact of any one group. The new identity for Carson+Co centers around this idea of amplification. In the middle of the icon, a globe is set in the negative space, defined by two concentric C’s. These rings ripple out in all directions, showing the positive impact and amplification we strive for.


Though the landscape of players working on climate and sustainability issues spans the world, it is a relatively small and insular community. As you can expect, logos for organizations in this space quite often use blue or green circles to show their focus on Earth. We aimed for Carson+Co to break the mold a little bit. Cropping our icon into a rounded square was one way to help set us apart visually, as was selecting a unique and rich goldenrod yellow, a color that stands at the intersections of optimism and alertness. To extend the brand visuals, we created a concentric dot pattern that echoes the logo, and a custom icon set. With these elements, we have a flexible and distinguished system we can be confident in using for all applications.